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Our Values

Hello, I'm Carrie, founder of Happy Earth Handmade. 

My pronouns are she/her and I'm an autistic woman living in Sheffield.

I started my own business after working in the NHS for ten years and crafting in my spare time. I started to craft so much stuff that I couldn't keep it all, and all my friends and family had an abundance of my creations too!

Sewing and creating is my therapy. As an autistic woman, I need a lot of downtime and recovery. 

When my sewing business started to grow, I quickly became overwhelmed and eventually left my NHS job to put everything I had into my exciting venture! 

Now I create for a living, because I can choose the hours and ways of working that allow me to take care of my mental health and let my creativity bloom.

It's not easy, but I spend a LOT less time having meltdowns and crying in the staff toilets now!

I've always been very conscious of waste, opposed to mindlessly throwing things away- single use items that don't have to be single use. I've always been the kind of person to reuse wrapping paper, save tiny scraps of fabric, butter tubs and yoghurt pots, and things that others might throw away without a thought.

These days, not wasting things is actually fashionable, and even more important than that, it's vital that we reduce our consumption and lessen our waste.

Designing and making reusable, every day products, is my way of making the journey to low waste simple and cost effective.

There's no excuse for a lot of single use- cling film, sanitary towels, kitchen paper...there are reusable alternatives that don't cost the earth.


(See what I did there?)

Reducing waste

Equality. Mental Health Wellness. Queer Pride. Smashing the Patriarchy. Animal Rights. Autism Acceptance. Body Positivity.

At Happy Earth Handmade, we believe that kindness is paramount to happiness.

We are painfully aware that society is not built on fairness, and we reject capitalism and supremacy, and fight for equality.

We listen to marginalised voices and help where we can.

We stand up for others who need it.

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